Business Discipline

Take your business to the next level by focusing on people & results.

We help your business be successful today and thrive tomorrow.

How? It starts with our values.


This one is deep. Leaders care first about their people. That means doing the right thing, PERIOD. Leaders drive integrity, compassion and ultimately love through their employees to every corner of the business and the broader community of customers, employees, suppliers, investors.
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We have lofty goals and are unwavering in our values. That doesn’t mean we don’t live in reality. Business are made of people and people ain’t perfect. Simplify, move the ball forward, the best deal is closed one. There are no silver bullets but there can always be a step forward. Keep plugging.
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Nothing gets done without focus. Set a goal and focus on it, holding yourself and team accountable. That can mean tough love but results matter. Pick the numbers, hit the numbers, next question.
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We strive to by these values daily. Our name is important to us; Geist means “spirit” but more personal to me, it’s the name of the reservoir in Indiana where my Grandfather taught me how to sail. 168th is the neighborhood in the Bronx where my Dad was born and where his parents grew up. Midwestern values meets New York speed.
Humanity x Business Discipline